Port Grimaud - General Information

Port Grimaud is divided into various building sections (Port Grimaud I, from 1966 to about 1975, Port Grimaud II South, which was started in 1975, and Port Grimaud III, where construction commenced around 1980). Construction in Port Grimaud has since been completed.

All of the houses in Port Grimaud have a mooring directly in front of them. Homes differ greatly in terms of location, view, and mooring size.

A married couple acting as guardians (gardiens) oversees each section of the island and takes care of your property in your absence. Besides keeping your house clean, they tend to your garden, handle your mail, and see to it that all necessary maintenance and repairs are taken care of.

Annual charges (community fees and taxes) in Port Grimaud currently total €32 per square meter of living space. These charges include all costs such as waste collection, street cleaning, public garden and park care, your guardians (gardiens) and the guards at all of Port Grimaud’s entry and exit routes. Port Grimaud is guarded 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In France, homeowners pay residential tax (impôt d’habitation) and property tax (impôt foncier), which, combined, amount to about €20 per square meter a year.

Port Grimaud resembles an old, traditional Provençale town, with an appealing infrastructure. Besides being a lagoon town, which is unique to the Mediterranean, Port Grimaud is already one of the most beautiful and coveted property projects in the world.

A major advantage for boat owners is that Port Grimaud offers all of the services typical of a modern harbor. It has 27 hectares of water, providing ample room for yachts in the side channels with depths of at least 2.15 meters. The main channel has a minimum water level of 3.50 meters.

In Port Grimaud, no two homes are alike. The angles at which they are situated and the views they offer of the Bay of Saint Tropez or Port Grimaud give every homeowner a very personal flair.

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