Our Properties

We would be happy to send you additional information and pictures of the houses and apartments that are up for sale either by post or Email.

Our offers are always up to date and include all the properties that can be purchased in Port Grimaud at the time of your request.

Since we sometimes receive late-breaking information on properties for sale, we cannot always show pictures of them on the Web. Furthermore, some of our clients are in the public eye and place high importance on discretion, which precludes us from posting pictures of their residencies on the Internet. We ask of your understanding in this matter.

Buyers do not have to pay a brokerage fee. Notary fees total about 1.3% to 1.5% of the purchase price, plus tax (the land transfer tax amounts to roughly 4% to 5.5%). Please ask about details.

The prices of properties in one and the same category vary since they are all uniquely dimensioned and situated.

This list will give you a basic idea of the price ranges per category:

  • Studios und apartments without a mooring start at approx. € 200,000,-
  • Apartments with a mooring start at approx. € 400,000,-
  • Homes with a mooring start at approx. € 800,000,-
  • Unique homes are priced from approx. € 1,800,000,- 

We will gladly furnish you with non-binding advice and help you find your dream home.



Maison Spéciale

This category encompasses expansive houses which usually have rather large moorings as well. Maison spéciale homes are usually few and far between. Please let us know if you are specifically interested in this category.

Maison de PÊCHEUR

“Fishermen’s homes” comprise the largest housing category. Therefore, most home seekers find beautiful properties in this category.

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Balandrine, HUNIÈRE, Bungalow, Ostale , Cassine

Balandrines, hunières, bungalows, ostales and cassines are small and rare — especially if you are looking for a mooring that extends over more than 12 meters.

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Houses with very specific designs such as portales and borderives are extremely scarce.

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Apartments with mooring have a range from 30m2 - 80m2.

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